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Experienced Georgia Family Law Attorneys Obtain Positive Outcomes for Clients

Walker County firm offers skilled legal representation in domestic matters

Going through a divorce or another family law dispute is difficult no matter the circumstances. At Lindsay & Rawls, LLC, in Rossville, we have helped many Georgia families move past their domestic issues and toward a brighter future. We have represented clients throughout Walker County and the surrounding areas since 1995 in divorce, child support, child custody and visitation and other family law cases. We are committed to protecting your rights and interests in the legal process and helping you and your loved ones transition smoothly to your new family situation.

Knowledgeable attorneys safeguard divorcing clients’ rights

Divorce is never easy, even if the breakup is amicable. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced family law attorney who will address your concerns, handle the complex issues that arise in your case and seek to protect your rights and interests. Our firm provides full legal support in all matters relating to divorce, including:

  • Grounds for divorce — When filing for divorce, you must state the reason why the marriage is ending. While Georgia allows no-fault divorce, seeking divorce on the basis of adultery or another fault ground may have advantages in some cases. We will help you decide what strategy makes sense for you.
  • Alimony — The court may order one divorcing spouse to provide financial support to the other for a period of time. For example, alimony may be awarded to a spouse who needs assistance while obtaining job skills. A spouse who engaged in inappropriate behavior such as adultery during the marriage may not be eligible for an alimony award. We will bring all relevant information to the court’s attention for a fair and just award.
  • Property division — In Georgia, marital property is distributed on an equitable basis, not necessarily equally. The court will consider such factors as the divorcing spouses’ earning capacities, their ages and health, and what each has contributed to the marriage. We work closely with our clients to ensure all marital property is properly accounted for and all relevant factors are brought forward.
  • Issues involving children — If the marriage involves minor children, we make it a priority to understand you and your family’s needs regarding child support, custody and other parenting issues. We will work with you to develop an approach that meets your goals and advances your children’s best interests.

As your divorce attorneys, you can be confident that we will take all necessary measures to protect your rights and interests and help you move forward.

Dedicated attorneys advocate for you and your children

Domestic disputes can be especially difficult when they involve children. In any family law matter, our focus is on meeting your unique needs and protecting your children’s best interests. To facilitate your family’s future success, we provide skilled guidance for:

  • Child support — If a child’s parents cannot come to agreement on child support, the court will calculate the amount each must pay using such factors as parental income and ability to pay. But a child support determination involves more than just plugging numbers into a formula. If you can’t reach agreement on child support with your child’s other parent, we will ensure all relevant factors are presented to the court for a fair and just award.
  • Child custody and visitation — Courts award custody based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the child. We will help you reach agreement on a custody or visitation schedule that works for you and your children. If there is a reason why the other parent’s access to the children should be limited, we will address those issues with the court.
  • Parental relocation — Your plans to relocate to another state can be complicated if you share custody of a child, requiring modification of your custody order. If you want to move or are trying to prevent your child’s other parent from moving with your child, we will advocate for your rights and interests in court.
  • Modification and enforcement — Your family’s needs will continue to change as your children grow and your own life evolves. If you have substantial changes in income, employment, expenses or residence, you may qualify for modification of a child custody or support order. We will help you obtain needed changes in a cost-effective manner and seek enforcement of an existing order if the other parent is not complying.

For these and other family law concerns, we look forward to learning how we can help you and your children.

Contact reputable Walker County family law attorneys for a consultation

When facing divorce, child support, custody and other matters, you benefit from speaking to an experienced family law attorney about your rights and options. To schedule an initial consultation at the Rossville office of Lindsay & Rawls, LLC, please call 706-956-5323 or contact us online.


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